Hi Everyone

My recent trip to Thailand was successful as always. I went with a plan to preach and go to the prison but that was not meant to be. Instead I did lots of practical stuff, which I realise is just as spiritual anyway. The best news was that we received a new little boy into Faith Home. His name is Donour – pronounced Dough-norr. He is nearly 6 but the size of a 3 year old. He was abandoned, and while I said there were to be no more children, how could I say no to this cute little face who touched my heart? We shopped and we supervised our new house building at Faith Home. They have moved into their property now and we are continuing building more houses on this property. They are also growing fruit and vegetables. The nearby river runs along the back so the children were fishing every day. They were very excited about fishing because they love it and were catching lots of fish. School resumed this week for the new school year.

Eden Home children took me out to dinner and it was lovely spending time with them. They have purchased new land and will also build.

The fundraiser in Ipswich was our best yet with raising over $2500. Much thanks to Carol, Lois, Lisa & all the team who participated in making this day amazing. This will help with more buildings at Faith Home. We had to put in a water tank & filter while I was there as the water was disgustingly filthy. The system is brilliant. See picture above.

Our next fundraiser is at Gold Coast @ Padlock’d Escape Rooms, 36 Caville Ave, Surfers Paradise on Sunday afternoon 22nd July from 1-4pm. There will be food available with assortments of special tea & coffee. There will be lucky door prizes, silent auctions & an escape room experience. Raelene & Steve, Carol & Steph will talk about what is happening. It will be a great afternoon & one to remember. Tickets are $40 ea or a team of 6 or more for $35 each. Tickets are available online at tickets.lamb.org.au or the website www.lamb.org.au under tab “get involved” or by phoning Raelene on 0409273931. This event is open to men women, young & old.


Steve & Raelene, Carol & Steph are returning next month to oversee buildings, preach in prison and help support a new church starting in Chiang Rai & of course connect with the children & Thai people, whom we all love.


Lamb International & all the team appreciate your kindness, support, love, encouragement & finances as we cannot do this without YOU. You make the difference in these lives. I want to give a shout out to all the businesses that support us too. Please let me know your business name so I can include you to our list.

Sean Wilson- Padlock’d Escape Rooms, Gold Coast

Jane Davies- Shabbylicious, Ipswich

Steven O’Farrell- Alpine Cement Render & Paint, Sunshine Coast

Samantha Nobbs- Something Beautiful, Sunshine Coast

Stephanie Stephenson-CQ Audit, Sunshine Coast

Phil Wilshire- Wilshire Electrical, Sunshine Coast

Joshua Johnstone- J.J. Carpentry, Sunshine Coast

Paul O’Donnell- Budget Shower Screens, Brisbane

I have the strong durable trendy bags available for sale again if you are interested, please message me.

Any questions please email me or text me.

That’s it till next month.

God bless you all.