Hi Everyone

Just letting you know of the recent highlights.


Stephanie Carol, Steve & I recently got back from Thailand where our city is now on the news all over the world. We actually drove right past these caves when the boys first got stuck in them. There were police cars everywhere. Good news – they are getting rescued. I live only a few kilometres from the main government hospital where the boys are staying. Over 2,000 Christians gathered in the Soccer stadium to pray that they’d get found & for their safe return. There was such a presence of God there. We know God has stopped the rains & everything is miraculous. It has brought unity in the whole of Thailand.

While there, we were also able to pray for the juveniles in prison in Chiang Rai. The first week, Steve bought a powerful salvation message. The second week, I was able to share about the love of God. 3 boys got saved and we are able to go weekly now as they notice such a transformation in the youth when they give their lives to God.

I also shared with a small team of western missionary women on the power of unity and encouraging each other. That was a great night of fellowship & fun.

We visited the children’s homes & encouraged the kids. We ate with them & played with them. We watched them fish in the local creek in the blazing hot sun. Next month I will be looking after the kids for 4 days while my staff go away on a much needed break. Faith Home has been going for 6 & 1/2 years. In all that time Nok & Wit have not been separated from the children. This will be their time to relax for a few days. Its great now the children are getting older and some have responsible jobs & being self- reliant.

We were also privileged to be able to be part of a new church planting in Baan Ma, Chiang Rai. This Malaysian pastor who speaks Chinese and lives in Sydney has a heart for Thai people, so he set up the church & we were able to help pioneer it. This was great.

Please be careful as recently there was a huge problem with a man taking photos of the kids in a nearby Children’s home in Chiang Rai. Although the man was trying to promote the home, it looked like he was exploiting the children & was trafficking them. It was a very difficult situation so therefore, for government reasons we will not post any further photos of the kids on social media. As you know Thailand is notorious for this, so good on the Thai government for looking into it. I will be back next month for the whole of August & I will post news on Facebook.

Thanks again to Steph & Carol for their time, finances & contribution & for all those who gave towards clothing etc.

We are in need of volunteers to do some fundraising, book-keeping & teach English. Please contact me if you are interested.


The land is flourishing in Uganda now they have a well. They are self-sufficient. This is excellent news as we are about empowering others not just doing hand-outs. The children are well & growing fast including the 2 new babies who are walking now.

Thanks & God bless you all. Thanks for your support. Keep up the good work.( If you need a yearly receipt for payments made, please let me know.)