How You Can Donate To LAMB

It costs money to run homes. There are many expenses such as food, petrol, salaries for staff and education for the children.

Sponsor A Child

For as little as $50 a month you can sponsor a child in Thailand. This will feed them for one month in their safe environment. The children are served rice for three meals a day with healthy vegetables, meat and fruit. They also receive snacks and treats.

Fundraising And Events

We hold several events every year in various places to raise funds & awareness. You are most welcome to attend a fundraiser for Lamb International. We have high teas, dinners, trivia nights, & plant and market stalls. Contact us to learn more.

General Donation

You can give a donation every month to one of our homes for fuel and transport needs.

You can also give to the staff for salary every month. You can donate whatever you afford.


Volunteering in Thailand

If you are interested in volunteering at orphanages abroad, you can volunteer and come visit Thailand. There is much work for you to do. We are in need of English teachers and builders to help with building projects.

Contact Raelene for trip dates & costs. You will have to meet a criteria such as a police check and cover all your own expenses. We would love you to help, as your actions will make a huge difference.

Child Sponsorship – Thailand

Get Involved – Sponsor A Child In Thailand

$50 per month will buy your child food. Clothing and other basic school expenses are paid form the general account. If you would like to donate more for your child please feel free to do so. Any amount is gratefully received and we appreciate all that you do to care for these precious lives. Already the children’s’ lives are changing because of the generosity of sponsors. You will receive a photo of your child with information on him/her, updates on your child’s progress and a letter from the child. 100% of the money you send is used to support your child.

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Contact Us If You Have A Fundraising Idea That We Need To Hear About!

Ways To Give

Call +61 4209 273 931 to donate or go to Contact Us to get involved.


You can PayPal at Lamb International. PayPal is a fast, convenient and safe way to donate.

Direct Debit

If you contact Raelene, she can direct debit from your account if you wish. A form is needed to be filled out & you are on your way.

Direct Deposit

You can Direct Deposit into Lamb International bank account. Contact Raelene for account information.

Current Projects

Building a new house to house the children on new land for Faith Home. Any amount greatly appreciated.

Buy Food

Rice: Buy a Bag of Rice for $40 (one off donation).

Seeds: Buy seeds for the vegetable garden (any amount).

General Donation

Any amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help?

You can volunteer, donate or come to an event.

Does all my money go to the children?

Yes, all money donated goes to the children to feed, educate and care for them. 100 % of all money goes overseas to the Homes as everyone volunteers their time. There are no admin costs etc.

Why help overseas?

Australia has many networks, charities and government support. Thailand and Africa have no Centrelink, no networks and no government help. They rely on everyday people and non-government help to support them and empower them. This is why we change the life of a child one at a time.

Is my money tax deductible?

Your money is tax deductible if you have a business or a trust. We are partnering with another organisation for tax deductibility. We will inform you when we have this approval.

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