Supporting Communities in Uganda, Africa

Update 2023 – The community is now self-sufficient because of the work that we’ve done in the past. Our work here is complete.

Rehoboth Orphanage – Caring For Children

We are excited to be able to partner with Pastor Henry and Juliet Kintu, who started and continue to run Rehoboth Orphanage in Uganda. Juliet grew up as an orphan, therefore this has given her much empathy, love, compassion and an understanding for these precious lives.

“LAMB International” bought land for these children. There are now over 60 children living in this orphanage and new children are constantly coming because of difficult circumstances. These children are all orphaned because their parents have died of aids, unexpected accidents or abandonment because they had little food to eat. LAMB is enthusiastic about empowering Rehoboth Home for many reasons.

Clean Water – A Well

LAMB bought land for this orphanage in 2013 and we established a well on this land also in 2018. The land grows all sorts of vegetables and crops and it is enough to feed all the children all year round.

Establishing a well on this land ensured the crops are well watered in the dry season and they have enough drinking water. It also ensures that others who have no water in the small community or have no way of fetching the water in the dirty creek can have clean water free of charge.

Now that this well is built, this Home is now self-sufficient. This is wonderful news for everyone.


The community has about 800 people living in it and we have supplied water to that town. We have helped the ailing and fragile grandmothers with clothes, water and food.

A New Baby Home

There is very little medical help in this little town. Often mothers die during childbirth creating a need for newborn babies to be cared for and looked after. For this reason Juliet would like to establish a brand new orphanage for newborn babies. Formula is expensive so it is difficult to care for them. They also need good carers as babies need a lot of attention.

They received two newborns last year in 2017 after their mothers died giving birth. One of the babies, Stephen Henry is now a strong beautiful boy. When he arrived he was malnourished and a jigger (worm) was embedded in his finger. We took him to hospital for care and he has thrived from there on.

We have rescued abandoned babies who would have otherwise died. Juliet has helped over 100 children and babies survive.

There are 1.3 million of the 44,270.563 people at risk of hunger in Uganda. That’s a lot of people.

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Taking Action

YOU can be the change needed. Know that YOU count in the lives of others especially these little ones.

Sharing The Gospel

We are passionate about sharing the gospel. In Uganda alone, we have run conferences with the Ugandan pastors and seen over  1,100 women touched by God and changed forever. Last year approximately 1,000 women walked, drove and rode to come to a conference for 4 days. It was so beautiful to see their hunger for God in their faces as God touched them. We fed them spiritually, physically and emotionally. Every woman went away full. This is now a yearly event.

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