About LAMB International

Lamb International is an Australian non-profit organisation registered with the Australian government. Lamb stands for Love And Mercy Beyond.

Imagine a world where everyone is free. Free from fear, oppression and hate. Free to be themselves and live as everyone should. Imagine a world where we prevent the exploitation of children, the abuse and poverty. Image everybody living to their fullest potential, dreaming their biggest dreams and being able to accomplish them and where they are reassured of God’s unconditional love so they experience His forgiveness, encouragement and compassion. Imagine every child educated, happy, contented, stable, secure and living in a healthy environment. People are then able to give back to their society. They grow to be a giver, not a consumer – a blessed person to bless others. Imagine blessing their next generation while giving keys to their future. Giving every child a life of hope, a future and a purpose to live for. No more slavery, trafficking, poverty, child pornography, abuse or abandonment. It’s a world full of love for Christ and walking in his grace. This is what we yearn to see.

Our Mission Statement

Empowering and restoring by bringing hope through love, compassion and healing to the broken and poor.

Our Vision Statement

Rescuing & Empowering by Restoring hope to nations.

Our Vision

We see a world where everyone is free; all have opportunity, are empowered to reach their greatest potential, and therefore preventing everyone from harm and abuse.

Our Values

  1. Faith: Trust, growth, worship and devotion towards God in prayer, placing Jesus at the centre of everything.
  2. People Focused: Having unity with others, understanding & tolerance of others, including loyalty, empathy and teamwork.
  3. Grace and love: We are always gracious, loving, caring; compassionate providing justice and mercy to everyone. 
  4. Passion: For this vision, being zealous and doing everything with excellence.
  5. Integrity: We constantly honour and respect cultures, others and ourselves. We are righteous, humble, honest, transparent and accountable.

Our Story

How We Got Started

Lamb International was founded by Mark & Raelene Wilson in 2006 when they visited Thailand earlier that year. A missionary couple started helping children in Thailand and when they both died a few years later, the baton was handed onto Raelene.

Raelene writes “We (Mark, my husband & I) both fell in love with the children as we saw many needs arising. We witnessed children abandoned, some abused, and some were at high risk of being taken or sold into slavery or prostitution. It broke our hearts to see the desperation on these beautiful sad faces having no hope, so we knew we had to DO something to help them. Lamb International was subsequently formed with a board of members. Houses were purchased and rented, children were rescued and many were saved through people’s generous financial help. The work still continues to grow today and more children are rescued by perils of evil.

Sadly while we were both in Thailand in June 2012, my amazing husband had a severe heart attack and died in Chiang Rai, Thailand. He was buried there where his heart was. There were 105 children in 4 homes being cared for & fed at that time by LAMB Int when Mark died. Now I stand in God’s strength and grace to do what He has called me to do – to love His people with His unconditional love and show them His grace and power.”

At the end of 2014, I met a strong Christian man, Steve Wearne, who shared my passion & vision for the missions, so we married. Together we look up to the calling furthermore knowing God has even more for us to do. Since then we have been to USA & Africa.

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Where we are now

Everything in Lamb International is accountable and receipted. One hundred percent of your money goes to the children and volunteers work with us and are committed to helping us with empowering, equipping and transforming their lives.

Lamb has a board of members which include Raelene Wilson (CEO/Founder & President), Rachael Rice (Treasurer), Shannon Arch (Director) and Stephen Wearne (director). Lamb Int is expanding into other areas also, so we will keep you posted on this.

How we make a difference

At present, we work in Thailand and Uganda.

We are all about empowering everyone we work with. Currently we have bought land in Uganda and built a well, so they are now self-sufficient.

We have Children’s Homes that we run and support. We are rescuing and educating to change the life of a child who is at risk or abandoned.

We help in local tribal communities by supplying needs and preaching the gospel. Recently we sent a whole heap of bras to give back dignity to women. We also preach in villages to change a village forever.

We go into prisons to preach the gospel and give food to inmates. Bringing hope and a little joy to inmates restores hopefulness and assists them.

We pray for the sick in hospitals. We work with the local private hospital praying for those who want prayer. We have seen many healed and come to Christ.

We encourage other kingdom ministries by networking with them. We encourage pastors and support them financially when able.


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Call Us: +61 409 273 931